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Australia's Premier Source for Cash Registers and POS Systems

We specialise in distributing cutting-edge hardware and software solutions. Our comprehensive product range caters to various industries, including Point of Sale, Healthcare, Logistics, and IT. Explore how our innovative products can elevate your business operations.

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Mission Statement

At SSPOS.com.au, our foundation rests on unwavering values. We prioritize continuity, not just for our customers and suppliers but also for our dedicated staff. Our commitment is rooted in integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

With a leading position in the POS market, SSPOS.com.au brings a wealth of experience and expertise to your business needs. Our journey is marked by milestones and achievements that showcase our dedication to excellence.

Continuously improving customer satisfaction is a cornerstone of our mission. Our well-prepared sales team and efficient back-office and logistics are strategically aligned to exceed the expectations of our valued customers and suppliers.

SSPOS.com.au stands at the forefront of innovation in the POS industry. Our commitment to staying ahead of industry trends ensures that our products incorporate the latest technologies, providing you with cutting-edge solutions.

Meet the passionate individuals behind SSPOS.com.au. Our company culture fosters an environment where employees have the space to use and enhance their talents, ensuring excellence in every aspect of our operations.

Beyond business, we embrace corporate social responsibility. Our dynamic policy, evident in daily operations and product offerings, reflects our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Trust is at the heart of our commitment to you. SSPOS.com.au delivers continuity, reliability, and consistency, assuring you of our steadfast support throughout your business journey.

In this digital age, we understand the importance of accessibility. That’s why, alongside our preference for personal care, each customer enjoys their own web portal. Accessible 24/7, this platform provides information about prices, stock, orders, and more.

Discover the SSPOS.com.au difference – where innovation meets reliability, and your success is our priority.