Most frequent questions and answers

There are different POS systems designed for various business types. SSPOS offers a variety of POS hardware solutions, including mobile POS systems for on-the-go businesses, tablet POS systems for retail stores, and all-in-one POS systems for restaurants. Consider your industry, budget, and specific needs to determine the best fit for your business.

A typical POS system includes a POS terminal, receipt printer, cash drawer, and barcode scanner. SSPOS offers a variety of bundles that include all the necessary hardware components to get you started.

Touchscreen POS systems are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and intuitive interface. However, non-touchscreen options are still available for businesses that prefer a traditional keyboard and mouse setup. SSPOS offers both touchscreen and non-touchscreen POS terminals.

Most POS systems require an internet connection to process transactions, access cloud-based features, and receive software updates. SSPOS can advise you on the best internet connectivity options for your business location.

Barcode scanners improve checkout speed and accuracy by eliminating manual product data entry. SSPOS offers a variety of wired and wireless barcode scanner options.

Receipt printers come in various sizes and offer different printing features. Consider your receipt volume and printing needs when choosing a receipt printer. SSPOS can help you select the right receipt printer for your business.

SSPOS offers warranty coverage on all POS hardware. Additionally, we can provide information on extended warranty options and repair services.

SSPOS can provide you with setup instructions and resources to get your POS system up and running. We also offer on-site installation services where applicable.

The ongoing costs of a POS system can vary depending on the software you choose, processing fees, and any required monthly subscriptions. SSPOS can provide you with a breakdown of the associated costs for their POS systems. We do offer a no monthly POS software too.

In addition to POS hardware, SSPOS may also offer compatible POS software solutions. They can advise you on the software options that work best with their hardware and fulfil your business needs.